In a world where a huge amount of information is consumed every day, it’s essential to get the design element right on instructional materials.

Whether you’re creating infographics, educational videos or information websites, you don’t have long to capture and hold a reader’s attention. Information should be easy to read and obvious as soon as someone lands on your instructional design.

There should be easy to navigate headings and text should never appear in huge blocks.

Make it easy to read and make it easy to understand.

Aims digital have created the following infographic that highlights common instructional design mistakes and how to avoid them. This is incredibly useful if you create a lot of instructional material and are looking for people to become more engaged in your creations.

The 5 most common mistakes are as follows:

1) Too much on-screen text

  • A screen with a lot of text on-screen overwhelms the user and reduces the chances of retaining the information.
  • Incorrectly chosen assets.
  • Choose your assets wisely! An incorrect audio or an incorrect graphic can mislead users.

2) Incorrectly Chosen Assets

Choose your assets wisely! An incorrect audio or an incorrect graphic can mislead users.

3) A cluttered screen

A poor screen layout might confuse learners instead of creating the required impact.

4) Lack of fluidity

Ensure that the topics flow smoothly from one to another.

5) Animation for the sake of animation

Don’t move objects around just because you don’t want a static screen. There should a specific purpose for moving objects.

As you can see with the infographic below, Aims have followed their own advice to the letter. Easy to read, the design brings you through the content in the order it’s meant to be read. There’s no clutter and minimal text.

Keep these in mind when designing your next instructional material and see your engagement levels soar!


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