For a long time, it has been considered that the level of human’s intelligence is programmed in the genes and a man can use to the maximum only that level of intelligence which he was born with. However, scientists refuted this opinion, having proved that the potential of each person can be developed to infinity.

Hobbies are fantastic personal development resources, providing they’re the right ones!

When the brain learns something new, it creates new neural pathways that make it work faster and better. If you are focussed on improving yourself and are worried that you’re not doing the right things on your down time, the infographic below will help.

It depicts the 5 best hobbies you can do to make you grow smarter.

They’re certainly not zoning out in front of the television, barely letting you brain do any work at all. Rather they’re proactive hobbies that will allow you to boost your brain in a number of different ways.

Check them out below and make sure your hobbies aren’t holding you back.

5 hobbies that will make you smarte

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