5 Body Language Tips That Will Make Everyone Warm To You

Body language plays an important part in our day to day lives. Whether its in personal or professional relationships, a lot of judgement will go on how you present yourself, the way you look etc. before you’ve even had a chance to begin speaking.

There are some simple tips that make people naturally warm to you, without you having to say anything. These simple actions set you apart from others and generally improve your likability, trustworthiness and others overall perception of the type of person you are.

1) Turn Your Body to Fully Face Someone Who Is Speaking

This shows that you have their full attention and that you find what they are saying to be important. Only turning your head to look at a person can suggest that you’re only half interested so get into the habit of moving your entire body to face someone who is speaking.

2) Smile

It seems obvious but a lot of us can be guilty of having a resting ‘uninterested face’ which can be rather unnerving when someone is speaking to it. You might not be aware of it, most people aren’t, so practice smiling at all times. Not like a big – grinning lunatic, subtly. Even a slight upturn at the corners of your mouth when someone is speaking to you will make the warm to you.

5 Body Language Tips That Will Make Everyone Warm To You

3) Eye Contact

As an experiment, ask someone to look everywhere else but at you as you try speaking to them. Infuriating right? So why do that to others? Maintain good eye contact when you’re speaking to someone. It makes you seem engaged and that what they’re saying is worth you giving your whole attention to.

4) Correct Posture

People naturally gravitate towards people that they feel are confident. Once of the easiest ways to portray this is to maintain correct posture when walking, sitting or simply standing. Keep your body straight and open, your head up and walk with long measure strides. It all makes people see you in a very different light.

5) Be Well Groomed

This does not mean dressing to the 9’s every day. It simply means be well presented – clothes that are ironed and clean, that most importantly fit you well. It may seem fickle, but a lot of how people perceive you as is based on your appearance.


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