5 Beautiful Examples of Packaging Design

Every company seeks a product where design meets function. Customers can be fickle and oftentimes the look of a product will make up their minds on whether to purchase or not. With this in mind companies are exploring the best way to present their products, with brand and functionality forefront in mind.

Here are 5 examples of where this has been mastered.

1) Flower packaging

flower 2 flower 1

This is ‘The future of flower packaging’ a school project completed by a group of incredibly talented designers based in Sweden. The packaging works as a whole concept, is more environmentally friendly due to its glue free and tape package that seals with a lock function, giving the consumer a holistic experience.

2) message candles

message 2 message 1

Project by For brands

Who needs a message in a bottle, when you can have a message with a candle! Based on an elegant wordmark accompanied by monogram and custom tailored typography used for messages applied on candle glass, these designers achieved a luxury, contemporary look, fitting the product style.

3) Cold Drip® Coffee

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Project by: Yani & Guille

 This special brew that has a brewing process of 18 hours, a very high punctuation of 90, with a mixture of citric and beer flavours, needed to come in a special packaging. Mission accomplished.

4) D E T O X 3


DETOX3 is a health food that uses premium organic ingredients to provide necessary provisions to replace fast food with convenient healthy food. The ultimate goal of the company and design is the creation of a lighthearted company that has only the best in mind for its clients.

Project by: Marina Porte

5) One Seed – Organic Perfume

perfume 3 perfume 2 perfume

Project by: Ennis Perry

One Seed is a boutique Australian organic perfumery passionate about creating wholly natural products without compromising on beauty or quality. One Seed approached Ennis Perry Creative to developed the One Seed brand and give the business a fresh new look and feel that spoke the true essence of their brand, and set them apart in the market.


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