We spend a lot of time online, but are we being productive or spending too much time looking at pictures of cats…

Here’s a list of 30 awesome websites that will boost your brain power and make sure you’re spending your online time in the most productive way possible!

30 Websites To Boost Your Brain

  1. whizzpast.com – This Website will teach you all you need to know about history.
  2. khanacademy.org – Watch thousands of Lectures covering a huge range of topics.
  3. freerice.com – Boost your brain by taking quizzes and for each question you get right, rice is donated to people in need!
  4. unplugthetv.com – Instead of watching TV, this will select a random educational video for you to watch.
  5. coursera.org – Provides a range of free and paid courses by Universities around the world, covering a huge range of topics.
  6. mentalfloss.com – Contains fascinating articles all created to get you thinking.
  7. ted.com – TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) provide videos from inspirational speakers and subject matter experts covering a range of topics.
  8. lifehacker.com – Includes tips and tricks for making your life a little easier.
  9. udemy.com – A huge range of courses, free and paid, covering every topic you can think of.
  10. good.is/infographics – Insightful Infographics that provide useful information.
  11. mathrun.net An addictive math game to help you practice your math skills.
  12. lizardpoint.com – Browser-based games to improve your geography, math, and more.
  13. edX – Free online courses from some of the worlds best Universities
  14. zenhabits.net – Insightful Blog about living life in a simpler fashion.
  15. duolingo.com – Learn new languages for free while helping to translate the web.
  16. memrise.com – Courses made with flashcards that are based on the spacing effect to help you learn quickly!
  17. nerdfitness.com – Excellent fitness blog for the beginner.
  18. openculture.com – Directory of free learning resources on the web.
  19. charitynavigator.org – Review charities so you can make the best donations.
  20. lettersofnote.com – Letters meant to make you think.
  21. MIT Open Courseware – Free access to lots of MIT courses.
  22. codecademy.com – Learn various programming languages and web technologies.
  23. investopedia.com – Learn about the world of finance and investment.
  24. ureddit.com – The University of Reddit –  Learn or teach Redditors.
  25. engineerguy.com – Engineering broken down into layman’s terms.
  26. zooniverse.org – he world’s largest and most popular platform for people-powered research.
  27. quora.com – Ask and answer questions put to the site on a range of topics.
  28. aldaily.com – Articles from a variety higher education journals and publications.
  29. noexcuselist.com/everything – Learn anything for free.
  30. livemocha.com – Community providing language learning.

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