On this Quora thread, the poster asked the question, ‘Life Advice: What can people start doing now that will help them a lot in about five years?’ The thread got loads of responses and a wide range of advice.

Here’s some of the best answers that you should also implement to start making positive changes in your life.

These 22 Habits Will Dramatically Improve Your Life:

1) Cook your own food22 Habits That Will Dramatically Improve Your Life

When you cook, you’re completely in control of not just your diet, but also what it leads to, ‘good health’.

2) Running

In general, I could have said exercise but there is a lot more to do with running than an overall fitness regime. Running boosts your brain power- 5 Ways Running Boosts Brain Power. And the more you do it, you also develop greater levels of perseverance in other areas of life.

3) Travel

Its not just about exploring a new place, but it is about exploring oneself. I have discovered some of my hidden strengths during my solo escapades.

4) Help someone in need

I have been volunteering at a local organisation, it’s many different kinds of work I do there. Towards the end of it, when someone says, “thank you, that helped me a lot”, that pure euphoric feeling and satisfaction, there is nothing like it and what goes around, always come around.

5) Invest wisely

Your finances and your emotions, the former gives you monetary independence and the latter gives you a happy life.

(1-5 by Sudhanva Rajashekara)

6) Read

Reading a good book  helps you a lot. It teaches you something in a few days which an expert has figured out in years.  Reading opens up your mind to new dimensions. It enhances your creativity and gives you an entirely different perspective on various issues. It expands your vocabulary and ability to understand complex topics.

7) Create

Nothing is more satisfying in life than looking at your imaginations come to life. Creativity is essential not only for success but also for inner satisfaction. Some of the happiest moments in my life have been when I have created something out of nothing.

8) Share

You can be the most successful person on the earth. But if there is no one to share your happiness, you can never be happy. All of us  have some life experiences or learnings that can help others. But most of us limit those experiences to ourselves.

(6-8 by Nikant Vohra)

9) Talk to Real People

Had I known 5 years ago that barely anyone can hold a decent conversation anymore without instinctively reaching for the cellphone… I would have developed a training course for those of us who are now socially inept.

Put your phone away. Look at people. Make eye contact.

10) Get Help

Is there something that is bothering you that you’re handling on your own? Do you have regrets? Now is the time to resolve those issues. Not tomorrow.

Go get help. Get an app for meditation. Start taking care of yourself.

You won’t regret it.

11) Stop Being a Sheep

And by sheep, I mean follower.

Most people now are victims of peer pressure and succumb without even realizing they’re doing it.

For instance, people who believe everything they read on Facebook. *sigh*

Stop using buzzwords and other lingo that just makes you sound stupid.. In five years, you’ll be happy you aren’t still saying “like” in every sentence… and that you’re not “totes cray about ur bae”.

Or whatever that means.

(9-11 by Tirena Schue)

12) Self-esteem.

Jim Rohn asked about how to develop self-esteem, said that the best thing you could do for yourself is doing the things you’ve resolved to do. If you decided to do something, commit and follow through. If you know something has to be done, just do it!

When your deeds are congruent with your thoughts and words, it ensures miracles for your self-esteem. What is more, people around you start noticing your change and they enforce this positive feedback loop. Not only you, but people around you start to consider you as reliable.

13) Positivity works miracles.

Especially when applied to yourself. The self-talk of an average person is full of crap (I’m sorry, I can’t say it mildly). In my book about overcoming shyness, I discussed how I used to trash-talk myself. Every single one of my beta readers said“Yeah, me too.” 

Doing research for the same book, I discovered that self-talk is in the coaching agenda of top sport performers. Looking from the outside at them, we common folks, think in terms of physical trainings, drills and technical equipment. Well, anybody at the top of professional sport takes those things as a given. You cannot sit on your hands and be at the top. But what makes the difference, and what makes the winners is positive self-talk.

BJ Fogg, who studies behavioral changes and developed an awesome concept of Tiny Habits, recommends giving yourself a reward after each repetition of your new habit in order to enforce a behavior you want to develop. The reward may be as simple as saying “Well done!” to yourself.

14) Cultivating gratitude rewires your brain.

The scientist I mentioned in #3 above is Shawn Achor, the author of “Happiness Advantage.” In this podcast episode, he tells about an astounding experiment. A 4-year kid with a pessimism gene was being asked for one month each morning about three new things he was grateful for. It made him a hardcore optimist for the rest of his life.

Wow! Now brace yourself, they did the same with an 84 year old guy who had the same gene. The same thing happened.

Gratitude is a powerful force. Practicing it just a few minutes a day can rewire your brain.

(12-14 by: Michał Stawicki)

15) Embrace Zen

If it happens, that’s okay. If it doesn’t happen, that’s okay too. Learn to be zen about life. This has helped me a ton during tough times.

16) Be genuinely open to learning

When someone criticizes you, it’s easy to emotionally react and to let your ego get in the way. Instead of doing that, take a few hours (or days) to think about what someone told you, do additional research and see if there’s a way for you to improve.

17) Pay it forward

One of the questions I ask myself constantly is, “Did I help others live a better life today?” Maybe it’s something as small as a smile to your neighbor as you walk by. Maybe it’s writing a motivational article that gets people excited to live the best version of themselves.

(15-17 by: Nelson Wang)

18) Declutter

Get rid of your crap. Be ruthless. Ask yourself, when is the last time I used (looked at, cared about, thought about) this thing? If it’s been more than a year, it needs to go. Creating physical space in your home creates space in your psyche.

19) Get your vibe down, visually

Time for the old magazine trick. Grab a few catalogs out of that stack in your spare bedroom and start tearing things out. Create a vision board of images and items that strike you. The result will likely give you a sense of paint color schemes and the overall aesthetic of your revamped space.

(18-19 by: Jen Anderson)

20) Keep a journal

Page one will be actually WRITE DOWN the practices that you want to be able to look back on with satisfaction in five years.  Everyone “plans ahead” but they usually “plan ahead in their head.”  Writing things down adds clarity and invites further reflection and editing.

21) Commune with nature

Communing means more than “hanging out” with nature.  What kind of birds are those and what kind of trees?  How high are those clouds.  What constellation is that on the horizon in mid-summer. Learn about what you see — you will appreciate it even more.

22) Simplify your life.

The great fallacy of most political and economic philosophies is that happiness maps onto wealth.  Studies show that you don’t have to get far beyond survival level until the added happiness value of additional wealth becomes negligible.  Assuming you live in a first world country, it’s not hard to reach that point.  I found this out by spending most of my adult career living and working in Asia.

(20-22 by: Kenneth Jennings)

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