Peter Sage is a successful entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience and over a dozen successful companies in different industries. He is an internationally-renowned speaker, philanthropist, author and personal development mentor, who has advised governments, royalty and companies around the world . He is one of the world leaders in the field of entrepreneurship education.

Here are 17 inspirational quotes from the entrepreneur, for more check out Peter Sage’s Instagram.


“Business is the ultimate vehicle to generate wealth.”

“Rather than live in a narrow, flatlined life, why not climb the peaks and fall in the throes of extraordinary life.”

“The starting point of real power is the moment you recognise you don’t need it.”

“You cannot reinvent a business without reinventing the person who is leading that business.”

“Reality is the subject to influence.”

“The purpose of setting a goal is not to achieve the goal. It’s to see who I need to become in order to achieve it.”

“Life happens to me or life happens through me. It starts with a choice.”

Why will life test you? Because theory doesn’t cover the price of admission to the highest levels of being.”

“I may want to believe. I may even think I believe. But when I REALLY believe, life changes immediately.”

“Filling your sails with Gratitude is the most joyous way to journey down the river of Life.”

“Frustration is the wrapping paper on the gift of learning.”

“Life is an evolving process of challenge and growth. Welcome to the Gym.”

“Stop trying to fight the current of the river Life and focus on positioning yourself better in the river.”

“Wealth is nothing more than the perception of abundance. Poverty is nothing more than the perception of scarcity.”

“The strongest trees grow in the strongest winds, not the best soil.”

“The route to my goal will present itself when I’m worthy enough to know I don’t need the goal”

“Silence is the music of wisdom.”

For more of Peter Sage, check out his interview on LondonReal

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