11 Necessities to Grow a Successful Small Business

What does it take to grow a small business into a successful company? That’s what Merchant Resources set out to answer in creating the following infographic.

According to their research, first time entrepreneurs have only a 10% chance of finding success with their venture. Whereas entrepreneurs who have failed previously, have a 20% chance of finding success on consequent ventures. This might indicate that an entrepreneur almost has to be resigned to failure, however that’s not the case. To do so is to guarantee it and the successful entrepreneur goes into every dealing feeling full confidence in their idea and business.

To address some of the common reasons why businesses don’t make it, take a look through the below infographic to see the 11 things you have to be addressing. From hiring the right employees to your marketing strategy and management skills, you need to make sure you’re well covered in all those areas.


Source: Merchant Resources

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