10 Psychological Tricks Everyone Needs To Know

1) Group Laughter


When you’re in a group and laughter breaks out, people will instinctively look at the person they feel closest to in the group. This is a handy way of spotting secret liaisons…

2) It’s All in The Feet


Watch people’s feet. If they turn towards you when you speak, they’re interested. If they stay in the same spot, they’d rather be left alone. If they turn to the opposite direction, they want to escape!

3) Don’t Be the Middle Man


People only really member the first and last things that happen, the middle becomes more blurred. If you’re competing for new business etc. Make sure you’re the first or last person in there.

4) The Power of Silence


If someone doesn’t give you the answer you’re looking for, stay silent while keeping eye contact. It pressures them to keep talking and give you an answer closer to what you want.

5) The Mimic


Subtly mirroring a persons body language when you’re talking to them makes them like you better and builds trust. Don’t be too over the top however.

6) The Romantic


Plan a date that involves adrenaline – Horror Movies, Extreme Sports etc. It stimulates arousal in the brain and the person will associate that arousal with you.

7) Keep Your Enemies close…


If you know someone’s going to try and have a go, especially in a meeting, sit right next to them. They’ll feel less comfortable with aggression when you’re that close.

8) The Favour


Ask people for small favours. It makes them like you and feel in control when they feel like you had to come to them for help for such a small thing.

9) The Name Game


Use someones name frequently while talking to them. It makes you remember it and they’ll feel like they’re being acknowledged and trust you more.

10) Make Them Warm To you


Don’t shake someones hand if yours are cold, it makes you seem untrustworthy. Make sure they’re nice and toasty and you’ll come across as being a warm person.

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