10 Incredible Resume Templates That Will Land You A Job

Many job seekers fall at the first hurdle when their resumes don’t properly highlight their skill-set. What you need to keep in mind is that recruiters/hiring managers will spend an average of 4 seconds reading your CV before deciding if they should continue or throw it on the rejection pile.

Harsh I know, but it’s essential to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest and clearly shows all the information that a recruiter is looking for. A great way to condense information is to display it visually. the mind can process it faster and much more easily than reading lines and lines of text. If you’re a designer then that’s fantastic, you can create your own custom resume that shows off your skills and personality.

If, like the vast majority of us, you are not a designer then you may be wondering how you can get a resume that does all this? Luckily, some incredibly talented designers over at Behance, have taken the trouble to design free, downloadable resume templates that anyone can use.

We’ve found 10 that are certain to get the attention of any recruiter. Simply download and add your own information, tailoring to your sector, send them out and wait for the calls to interviews to start flying in. Job seeking is all about first impressions, so make the right one!

1) Free Minimalistic Resume/CV by Patryk Korycki

template 1

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2) 2015 Resume Template Collection (4) by Clément Loyer


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3) Free Resume Template by Tamzid Hasan


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4) Free Resume Template Download by Abdullah Al Mamun


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5.) Free Resume Template for Word, Photoshop & Illustrator by Mats-Peter Forss


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6) Free resume template (mint design) by Ira Vosorowa


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7) Free a4 Resume by César Santiago Molina


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8) Professional Resume and Cover Letter by Adeel Tahir


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9) Ultra Minimal Resume by Saptarshi Nath


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10) Free clean interactive resume by Ola Hamdy


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