Here are 10 Books That Will Make You A Selling Machine

Are you looking to move into a career in sales? Perhaps you’re already there but are looking for ways to smash your targets and start earning yourself some serious money?

These 10 books cover everything you need to know about becoming a master salesperson.

Make it your mission to get through them all!

41d5liCro4L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Become an Expert Negotiator: Real Life Sales & Negotiation Tactics by Daniel Weiser

Daniel Weiser is a professional negotiator, normally acting as part of the negotiation team or leading it.

The strategies and tactics presented in this book are used and implemented daily in his deal-making, in a variety of settings – hi-tech, commercial, real-estate, finance and others. They work for him and for his clients.

The Ultimate Sales RevolutionThe Ultimate Sales Revolution: Sell Differently. Change the World. by Steve Lishansky

The Ultimate Sales Revolution clarifies how to reach the highest level of professional relationship – being an Indispensable Partner in your client’s success.

You attain this exalted level of trust, respect, and differentiation from your competition by ensuring that every client request and activity delivers meaningful results, builds the strongest and most sustainable client relationship, avoids the 3 Sources of Miscommunication, and delivers massive value and impact.

Real-World SellingReal-World Selling: Techniques for Selling in the Real World with Real Results by Rick Wilcoxon

Simply a book about selling in the real world with proven techniques that actually work! Rick Wilcoxon has over forty years of personal sales experience and since 1980 he has trained more than 400,000 salespeople throughout the world.

He has trained the sales teams at many of America’s most successful companies and in his new book he outlines 111 proven techniques to help the new salesperson and the seasoned veteran become even more successful in their daily sales efforts.

Constructing SuccessConstructing Success: Blueprints for a Referral-Based Business by Jason M. Avery

Are you looking to make your business grow? Do you want referrals to help you grow your business? Do you understand each prospect’s behavioral style? Would you like to be able to define a unique selling position that separates you from your competitors?

In Constructing Success, Jason Avery masterfully takes us through the challenges that every business owner faces, and how to best deal with them. He openly shares his proven methodology that, in just 4 years has grown his company to 20 full-time employees and over $3 million per year in business.

Growth JuiceGrowth Juice: How To Grow Your Sales by John A. Weber

The Growth Juice Book was written to help companies realize continuous growth of sales and profits. The book starts with concepts, frameworks and practical planning perspectives that provide the base needed by any firm desiring to get on a consistent growth path. All materials presented here have been time tested through the author’s growth planning consulting for scores of major firms.

The second section is based on the common sense notion that sales and profit growth are achieved one profitable sale at a time. Enter Solution Selling® — an ultra-effective selling system used for training more than a million sales professionals in large and small companies around the globe.

Ignite Your Selling PotentialIgnite Your Selling Potential: 7 Simple Accelerators to Drive Revenue and Results Fast by Susan A. Lund

You’re in the drivers seat, take the wheel and ignite your selling potential! Experience results within 90 days. In Ignite Your Selling Potential, Author Susan A. Lund reveals a practical roadmap with 7 Accelerators™ to inspire, equip and empower you, your team and your organization to drive profitable revenue and results fast.

You will gain access to proven strategies and principles that work to bring about the growth you desire and catapult your organization to greater success.

Think Like Your CustomerThink Like Your Customer: A Winning Strategy to Maximize Sales by Understanding and Influencing How and Why Your Customers Buy by Bill Stinnet

The most common complaint Bill Stinnett hears from his corporate clients is that would-be vendors and suppliers “just don’t understand our business.”

In Think Like Your Customer, Stinnett explains why the key to landing corporate customers is to learn to think about the things executives and business owners think about and understand how they make complex buying decisions.

The Natural Laws Of SellingThe Natural Laws Of Selling: The Essential Truths by Daniel Jacobs

“The Natural Laws Of Selling” will help you accomplish two things: a. Shift your focus to the fundamental principles of how to sell anything. b. Give you new effective methods of applying this knowledge instantly.

The major achievement of this book is the importance on principles over methods. This approach is a new discovery about selling that has never before been codified in a way to allow you can learn and use the information instantly.

DEAL! Discovery, Engagement, and Leverage for ProfessionalsDEAL! Discovery, Engagement, and Leverage for Professionals by Jeff Belkora

Advisors and architects? Doctors and designers? Managers and ministers? Teachers and therapists? What do these and other professionals have in common? They guide clients to good decisions!

That means discovering the client agenda; engaging the client in decision support; and leveraging resources for efficient delivery of client-centered care. Discovery, engagement, and leverage – that spells DEAL!And DEAL! spells better outcomes for your clients and your practice.

What They Don’t Teach You In Sales SchoolWhat They Don’t Teach You In Sales School by Scott J. Dunkel

Combining the experience from a 30 year successful career in technology sales, in conjunction with in depth interviews from other career sales executives, sales management, as well as C level executive decision makers, the author offers sound advice for individuals interested in pursuing a career in professional sales.

The primary objective of the book is to accelerate the learning curve for professional sales execs. The secondary objective is to make it an enjoyable read by relating real sales stories that underscore a sales principle.

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