10 Amazingly Creative Resumes

A resume doesn’t have to be a boring old thing, full of bullet points and numbers, listing off every achievement you can remember to put down. It can also be an opportunity to show off your skills as well. Remember in some cases a hiring manager could receive hundreds of CV’s for a single vacancy, how do you stand out?

In all honesty, hiring managers or recruiters will spend roughly 4 seconds glancing at a CV deciding whether it’s worth continuing to read or not. That’s not a hell of a lot of time to make an impression. Why not go more visual then? The following CV’s would have anyone hooked on them immediately, never mind 4 seconds! This is particularly applicable if you’re in a creative field.

However, think outside the box for a moment. If you work in science, could you display your experience across an element chart? If you’re in sales could you get a mock-up advert made, listing your achievements? Sometimes all it takes is to think a little differently, to make you jump out from the crowd and secure your dream job.

The following are incredible examples of self promotion and visually demonstrating both experience and personality. Use them to think of your own ideas and see how you could apply a creative CV, designed to immediately grab a recruiters attention, to your own field.

1. Curriculum Vitae

Anton Yermolov 1 Anton Yermolov 2 Anton Yermolov3

By Anton Yermolov | Behance

2. Self Promotion

Syril Bobadilla 1

By Syril Bobadilla | Behance

3. Creative Curriculum Vitae

Nico Lopez 1 Nico Lopez 2 Nico Lopez 3

By Nico Lopez | Behance

4. My Portfolio

Stefania Capellupo 1 Stefania Capellupo 2 Stefania Capellupo 3

By Stefania Capellupo | Behance

5. Personal Branding & Self Promo

Mathew Lynch 1 Mathew Lynch 2

By Mathew Lynch | Behance

6. Resume Book

Paula Del Mas 1 Paula Del Mas 5

By Paula Del Mas | Behance

7. “Eye”dentity – Pop-Up Folder

Matt Stucky 1 Matt Stucky 2 Matt Stucky 3 Matt Stucky 4 Matt Stucky 5

By Matt Stucky | Behance

8. Anatomy of a Graphic Designer

Francesco Rivieccio 1

By Francesco Rivieccio | Behance

9. Self Promotion / Resume

Marco Bertoletti 1 Marco Bertoletti 2 Marco Bertoletti 3 CV_2_new

By Marco Bertoletti | Behance

10. Portfolio Newspaper

Marianne Riegelnegg 1 Marianne Riegelnegg 2 Marianne Riegelnegg 3

By Marianne Riegelnegg | Behance

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