10 Amazing Psychology Tricks You Need To Try

It’s always fun when you can trick your friends into doing something when they don’t have the foggiest that you’re controlling the way they act or think.

Not only that, but these types of psychological tricks are amazing at parties or just for generally showing off!

Try these 10 amazing psychology tricks out on your friends, family or even strangers, and see how well they work!

If you have any other tricks you like to use, let us know in the comments below.

1) The Conversation Conditioner


To have a little fun with words, when having a conversation with someone, pick a word they say and then each time they say the word, or words close to it, smile, nod or give some type of positive affirmation, and watch them say the word all the time.

2) Build Attraction


When first meeting someone, if you do go for a handshake then make sure your hand is warm. It makes you seem much more inviting than a cold hand. Also, when you’re with that person, subtly mimc their actions and posture, it builds trust and makes you seem like you two fit together better.

3) The Earthworm Destroyer


Do you have a song stuck in your head that you’d like to forget? Think of the end of the song. According to the Zeigarnik effect, your mind tends to think of things left unfinished, so thinking of the end of the song will close the loop and allow you to get the song out of your head.

4) So Agreeable


When asking someone a question, get them to agree with you by simple nodding your head. The action makes them start to think that what you’re saying is true and that they should nod “yes” too, since our behaviours are social.

5) The Stalker Detector


Ever get the feeling that someone is watching you, but you’re not sure? Try yawning and then glance at your suspected stalker. If they yawn, then you know they’ve been watching you, since yawning is contagious.

6) The Path Finder


Ever wish you could clear Grand Central Terminal? In crowded areas, look in the direction in which you intend to go and watch the walkway just open up. In busy areas and crowded streets, people tend to watch other people’s eye to see which direction they will go so they can go the opposite way.

7) The Dollar Auction


Gather a group of friends together and hold up a $1 bill for auction. Tell them that whoever gets the high bid wins the dollar, but whoever gets the second and third highest bid will still have to honor their bid. Then, sit back ans watch as the bid goes from pennies to four, even five dollars or more. Meanwhile, watch the second and third highest bidder as the price gets close to a Dollar and the goes over and they’d rather be out 10 cents versus 99 cents.

8) The Broccoli Trick


If you want your kids to eat broccoli, ask them if they want 2 broccoli stalks or 5, instead of just asking them if they want broccoli. This way you’ve already made the choice for them, but they’ll feel like they’re getting a great deal by choosing the amount of broccoli they want. You can expand this trick to other situations, too.

9) The Talk and Pile


If you want your friend to carry something, for example if you have just bought some books from the bookstore and you want your friend to carry them, just keep talking to them while handing them the bag. Most people will automatically take the bag without thinking. However, some people will become confused.

10) Rock Paper Scissors


Become a champion at rock paper scissors by asking someone a question right before starting the game. If you ask, then immediately start into the “rock, paper, scissors” chant, they’ll almost always defensively throw scissors.

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